Integrated Pest Management Services

Integrated pest management (or IPM) is a strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damages using a combination of techniques to achieve the following goals:

  1. Properly identify and reduce pest populations
  2. Maintain plant health
  3. Minimize the use and impact of pesticides.  

Red Cedar uses an integrated approach to managing insects and tree diseases on your property. We begin with maintaining plant health care and creating optimal soil conditions for plant growth. Periodic inspections are essential to detect pest infestations before they reach damaging levels.

spraying for ticks in yard integrated pest management services

Importance Of Pest Prevention Methods:

A small amount of prevention and pest control is much better than a large amount of cure. Our tick control program features short and long-term treatments and pest services to reduce your exposure to disease-carrying ticks, helping to prevent disease. Additionally, Red Cedar offers mosquito spray which provide short-term control from mosquitos, and deer management solutions (repellent sprays, fencing, and deer resistant planting advice).

Integrated Pest Management Treatment Methods:

If your tree or property has unfortunately already become infected with disease, a management and treatment plan will need to be put into place. Proper diagnosis is key in constructing the correct treatment. The earliest signs of trouble can offer you the opportunity to combat the invading species before it does too much damage.

integrated pest management services emerald ash borer

Many of the most damaging landscape pest problems that exist are cause by a pest carelessly being introduced from another area of the world (an invasive species). Some examples of these diseases/pests that have caused serious tree diseases and stress are:

At Red Cedar, we use the most organic and non-toxic insect and pest control applications available.

Mosquito Control Solutions:

Mosquitoes are insects that have been around for over 30 million years. Red Cedar can provide you with practical mosquito control solutions to control unwanted mosquitoes. Additionally, children and pets are at increased risk from insect-borne disease because they spend more time outdoors, where exposure is greatest. Our regular mosquito control treatments are applied to the rough perimeter areas and lawn areas of your landscape.

Spraying For Ticks:

Lyme Disease is spread by deer ticks and can have devastating effects on your family, trees, and pets. Because of this, we take tick management very seriously. Ticks that cause Lyme Disease are carried by deer or other rodents. Helping to drive carriers away from your home is a great way to prevent tick infestation. Applying repellent sprays or adding trees or plants that are natural deer repellants are good methods of prevention.

Preventing Termites:

Termites can be a huge headache and detrimental near your home. Tree stumps that are left on the property after tree removal are nesting ground for termites. Stump grinder services and stump removal are easy termite control methods for your home. If you leave stumps on your property, you may find yourself needing termite treatment.

Contact Red Cedar today to learn more about insect and disease management or to schedule a pest disease and tick inspection of your property.