Stump Removal Services

Once a tree is removed, it is recommended to also complete stump removal. Having your tree stump removal done by a professional is highly recommended. DIY stump removal methods can be extremely dangerous.

stump removal services stump grinder

DIY Stump Removal Methods (not recommended):

  • Wrapping a chain around the stump and attaching it to the back of a car.
  • Drilling holes into the stump and adding chemicals.
  • Burning the stump.
  • Digging the stump out.
stump removal services

Why Should I Remove A Tree Stump?

  • Stumps are a tripping hazard
  • They are an eyesore
  • Leaving a stump behind and live roots allows for opportunity for new sprouting growth around the stump
  •  Dead wood is very attractive to damaging pests like termites

Read more on these reasons to get stump removal after tree removal services in our blog, Tree Removal: Do I need a Stump Grinder.

At Red Cedar, we recognize the need to finish the job properly by removing tree stumps. Our professional stump grinding machine is small enough to fit between a backyard fence, which makes it ideal for residential stump grinding services, but we also have larger models to remove larger trees. Cutting trees and removing stumps is best left to the professionals for many reasons, including safety hazards, limited knowledge, and the complexity of the job.