Tree removal: Do I need a stump grinder?

Stump Grinder You may imagine that removing a tree trunk from your property is an easy DIY project, but realistically, it is hard work. Stump grinding, however, is the better option for removal than attempting to dig a stump out. In addition to stump grinding being labor intensive, it also takes a certain skillset and knowledge base to remove the stump correctly and completely. The professional-grade stump grinder machinery used by expert tree removal specialists, like Red Cedar, allows for the proper and most efficient stump removal process.

If you’ve never considered removing the stumps in your yard, you may be wondering why it is necessary. Here are a few reasons why it is so important:

  1. Aesthetics

If the appearance of your yard is important to you, chances are you aren’t going to be too fond of stumps from previous tree removals hanging around. If your yard is very well-groomed, and has a beautiful landscape design, the eyesore of tree stumps will unfortunately take away from this beauty.

  1. Hazardous

Stumps are hazardous, especially for children or pets. When your children, pets, or even guests are running around your yard, they may not notice the stump and trip over it. This fall may result in injury, and if this injury happens to any guest on your property, this leaves you liable for these injuries. Stumps left behind can also make things like mowing difficult, and can damage the equipment if they are hit.

  1. Disease

A common reason for tree removal services is to get rid of diseased or unhealthy trees. If you have removed a diseased tree, but have left the stump and roots behind, there is still a chance that this disease can spread to healthy trees on your property. By removing the stump, specifically grinding it, you will be eliminating the possibility of spreading disease from the stump and/or roots.

  1. Growth

If the stump is left behind, this means the tree’s roots are still intact. Although the tree itself has been cut, leaving these roots behind allows for opportunity for new sprouting growth around the stump. This can be another eyesore, and can also be costly because they may need to be removed continually.

  1. Insects

The number one reason why people often remove tree stumps is the fear of termite infestation. Termites are attracted to dead trees. If they form a housing nest within your dead tree stump, this could mean potential dangers or attacks by termites to the wooded areas of your nearby home. Additionally, as the root system begins to decay, this could attract other pests like bees, wasps, hornets, and possibly even snakes.

Aside from avoiding the potential hazards and nuisances mentioned above, stump grinding also allows you the opportunity to plant a new tree in its place because the stump is removed completely, way below the ground. Red Cedar grinds to a depth of 18 inches which allows for a new tree to be planted in the same spot immediately. Anything less than 18 inches can result in left behind particles that will eventually rot away, causing a noticeable depression in its place and hindering any new growth.

Due to the complexity of this job, it is best left to the professionals to insure a safe and successful completion. After grinding your stumps, we will make sure to clean up your property and recycle all wood chips! Interested in removing your pesky and/or hazardous tree stumps before the warmer months? Call Red Cedar today for your free estimate!

3 thoughts on “Tree removal: Do I need a stump grinder?”

  1. Stump removal should be left to the professionals so you’re certain it’s done right and safely the first time!

  2. Insects! You should see some of the nests of ants and other insects I have dealt with when getting rid of old stumps. Getting rid of them quickly is the best plan! : )

  3. I’ve heard you can leave mulch on the stump and it will help it decompose naturally, although this takes numerous months! If you ask me I prefer to bust out that stump grinder and shred it down!

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