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Here’s A List Of Some Landscape Design Build Trends

  1. Water Features – Water features are one of those trendy items that has survived through many new years. Ponds, waterfalls, streams, and pools can create a picturesque, and serene backyard.
  2. Asymmetrical Landscaping – Balance is one of the key landscape design elements and this can mean incorporating symmetry or asymmetry. It is, however, important to know the difference between haphazard and asymmetrical.
  3. Get Whimsical – Incorporating whimsical features into your backyard design is becoming a very popular theme in landscaping trends. The definition of whimsical is playfully quaint and fanciful. So, in order to achieve this whimsical look and feel, you’re going to want to stick to the “less is more” saying and incorporate woodsy/antique items. Featuring recycled or old items as new, reclaimed, pieces in your landscape is a great way to create a whimsical feel (using an old wheelbarrow as a planter, creating a design element using old rusty shovels or tools). The use of natural accents is also a great way to create this popular whimsical feel.
  4. Outdoor Entertaining – Creating a comfortable and aesthetically appealing outdoor entertainment space is another one of those landscape design build trends that hasn’t, and probably will never, die. 
  5. Incorporated Secluded Spaces – Creating a quiet space to relax, read, or meditate is growing in popularity. In the busy world that we live in, finding unique ways to decompress is not only popular, but necessary. Consider a dedicated outdoor yoga room, or a serene garden space with only enough seating for two.
  6. Sustainability – Green living is something that has become very top-of-mind, and it’s something many look to incorporate into all aspects of their life. Your landscape is no different, and there are ways to create a more sustainable landscape. Not only is this trendy (like using old items to create new whimsical landscape features), but it’s important!
how to create a sustainable landscape

How To Create A More Sustainable Landscape

Achieving a sustainable landscape involves a combination of planning and maintenance practices to achieve low-waste, and low-environmental impact. Practicing green living is something that has become more top-of-mind for many in recent years. If you already practice “green living” and/or you’re looking for more ways to help our environment, building a sustainable landscape is something …

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Landscaping That Can Reduce Summer Energy Costs

Did you know that smart landscaping can save water, help reduce waste, and lower your summer energy bills? By strategically placing your trees, shrubs and other landscaping elements, you can help to block heat from reaching your home, which can keep your home cooler, decreasing cooling usage, and thus summer energy bills. Here are some …

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front yard landscaping ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Perfect For Your Home

Backyard landscaping ideas are commonly the main focus for many homeowners, but what about front yard landscaping ideas? Your front yard is an extremely important aspect of your home’s curb appeal and the first impression for visitors and potential home buyers. Well-designed landscapes help highlight the beauty of your home, its architectural features and uniqueness, …

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