Landscaping For Privacy? Here Are Some Ideas

It’s easy to keep your property exactly how you want it, because well it is your property. But, what you do not have control of is how your neighbor’s property looks. Often times homeowners will put up fences and other separation barriers for privacy, but did you know that your landscape could also serve as privacy? In fact, landscaping for privacy may actually be more efficient because, often times fences are not high enough or do not create the complete privacy you are looking for.

Here are some landscaping backyard privacy ideas:

  1. landscaping for privacy, privacy hedgesPrivacy Hedges – Hedges are a great addition to your landscape project for privacy. Coniferous and evergreen shrubs are great choices when landscaping for privacy, because of their ability to survive year-round and their overall structure. These types of hedges are also generally fast growing. Planting these privacy hedges around the perimeter of your home will not only serve the purpose of creating the desired privacy, but they will also create a structured clean look.
  2. Structural Components
    • Fences – As we mentioned above, adding a fence is a popular way to create privacy. You’ll want to add a fence at least six-feet tall to achieve the privacy you are looking for. Building/putting up a fence is a large and time-consuming job. However, it can increase the value of your home.
    • pergolas, landscaping for privacy Hardscaping – Another structural option is adding hardscaping to your landscape project that can serve as a decorative wall. Your landscape design professional can help to design a beautiful accent structure that is not only perfect for privacy purposes, but also looks beautiful and gives your property a high-end feel. Stone is a great choice to give your yard that natural and clean look.
    • Fence Alternatives – There are several reasons why a fence alternative may be the perfect solution for your home. Not only is it unique, but it gives your backyard a desirable and relaxing zen feel.
        • Bamboo Screens – Instead of a standard wood or composite fence, consider a unique screen like a bamboo privacy screen. A bamboo screen creates privacy while also allowing light to shine through which helps to avoid the sometimes dark, closed-off feel of a large fence.
        • Trellises – Trellises are another good option for achieving privacy, while also letting in light. They can create visual interest in your yard and are moveable.
        • Lattice Screens – These are versatile and easy to install and have the same lighting effect as bamboo screens and trellises.
  1. privacy idea for backyard, landscaping for privacyNon-structural Components – Consider adding truly unique backyard additions like curtains. Hanging curtains in your backyard entertaining or relaxation area is the perfect solution for creating that up-scale beautiful look. You can feel like you are on vacation in your own yard while providing exceptional privacy!
  2. Pergolas – Pergolas are a desirable addition to any backyard. They not only help to create a beautiful entertainment spot, but they also create a visual centerpiece for your yard. A great feature of pergolas is that you can pick and choose how many walls you’d like, and in what direction. Maybe on one side of your yard your neighbor is very close, whereas the other is further away. Choose to create one wall to keep your seating area private on the side that is close to your neighbor’s house and keep the rest open to avoid the boxed-in feeling. These enclosures help to create that cozy feeling of indoor entertaining, but also allows you to still enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine.
  3. Noise-Canceling Features
    • Fountains – Not only are water features a beautiful addition to any landscape design project, but they can also serve to create a zen environment by drowning out some of the outside neighborhood noises. The relaxing sound of water is perfect for your backyard oasis and for disguising some of the every-day noises you wish didn’t exist!

Spring has sprung, and that means you have probably started to think about outdoor entertaining, yard maintenance, and updating your landscaping. The Landscape Design Build team at Red Cedar can help you to turn your day-dreaming backyard ideas into a cohesive reality. We can also suggest the best privacy options for your unique home! Contact us today for your free consultation and let us help you turn your backyard into the ultimate summer oasis!

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