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Landscaping Ideas Perfect For Your Backyard

A beautifully designed landscape plan and outdoor living blue print can not only significantly increase your home’s aesthetic appeal, but it can also create a perfect relaxation and/or entertainment space. First, you’ll need to start with a well-planned backyard landscape design. You may want to try some of these gorgeous and stand-out landscaping ideas.

  1. landscaping ideas for patiosA modern patio – You may want to consider wood or stone for your modern patio. If you enjoy your backyard amenities, like soaking in a hot tub, this is the perfect place to build your patio for the ultimate relaxation spot. For a pop of color, consider adding luscious greenery and shrubs around, or within the patio. Do you have a tree in your yard that you love? Does it create the ultimate shaded spot? Consider building a patio around the tree for a truly unique and modern design.
  2. Pergola or covered deck – Creating an architecturally unique pergola or covered deck not only makes for the perfect spot for entertaining, but it also increases your home value. A covered deck can help create shade for outdoor comfort, as well as protect against rain. Consider adding a fireplace to add to the cozy feel, or even cover the pergola with flowers for additional enhancement.
  3. Water feature – Water features can really help to set your backyard apart from other homes in the neighborhood. This could be a fountain in the center of an intimate garden, or a large koi pond with a waterfall.
  4. Sculpted hedges – Sculpted hedges can create a clean and structured look. They can also serve to provide a privacy line. Incorporating stones and/or stone pathways within the structured shrub section can create an illusion of a bigger, more extravagant yard. Boxwoods are great for creating this structured design and are also low maintenance and deer resistant.
  5. Large garden – A large and colorful garden can add a beautiful pop of color and elegance to any yard. Consider a walkway within your garden, or a fountain (as mentioned above) to really enhance the beauty of this feature.
  6. fire pit landscaping ideasFire pit – Imagine a cool summer night, cold enough for a sweatshirt, but also warm enough to enjoy the outside. A fire pit is a great addition to your outdoor entertainment area. Consider a large fire pit built from stones and a comfortable seating area surrounding the pit for a more rustic look. If you prefer a modern style, consider a large copper pot for your fire pit with industrial seating surrounding it on your patio area.

If you are considering a complete backyard remodel, you may want to include one or more of these landscaping ideas to truly bring your backyard to life. Create a vacation spot in the comfort of your own home, or a zen oasis with a soothing and beautiful water feature.

Regardless of your personal tastes, Red Cedar’s landscaping design services will help to improve your property’s appearance and also maintain it. We can help you to create a design perfect for your unique home and turn your dream landscaping ideas into a reality. Through our steady landscape plan, and maintenance services, we have become one of the few landscaping companies with a 95% renewal rate. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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