Deer Tick Control

Deer ticks are the carriers of harmful diseases like Lyme and other tick-borne pathogens. Deer tick control is extremely important for this reason. In this article, we briefly touched on things you can be doing in your yard to help decrease the tick population and practice deer tick control. But, we wanted to dig a little deeper into this specific topic of tick removal and keeping ticks out of your yard.

Q: Do ticks live in trees?

A: Ticks are very rarely found looking for hosts much higher than the level of their preferred natural hosts like; mice, raccoons, dogs, cats, skunks, coyotes, etc. So, they most commonly dwell lower to the ground and do not climb high into trees.

Q: Can ticks fly or jump?

A: No. If a tick is found near a person’s head or neck, it has crawled up their body from the ground to get there. Ticks typically transfer from animals to people when they brush up against places that ticks hide/live. They typically quest for hosts from ground to about knee level on vegetation.

Q: How can I protect my children and pets from ticks on our property?

A: Keeping your grass cut and all brush piles cleared is very important in eliminating ideal hiding spots for ticks. Spraying for ticks in your yard is a great deer tick control method. At Red Cedar, we use the most organic and non-toxic insect and pest applications available. We typically spray around the perimeter of your property and begin spraying for ticks in spring, and continue into summer and fall. You can also implement some methods to prevent deer from entering your property (huge tick carriers) like; deer repellent planting, and fencing. Also consider moving backyard features like bird feeders and wood piles to low traffic areas. These can attract other wildlife, which can attract ticks.

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