Disease and Insects

Red Cedar uses an integrated approach to managing disease and insects on your property. We begin with maintaining plant health care and creating optimal soil conditions for plant growth. Periodic inspections are essential to detect pest infestations before they reach damaging levels.


A small amount of prevention and pest control is much better than a large amount of cure. Our tick control program features short and long-term treatments and pest services to reduce your exposure to disease-carrying ticks, helping to prevent disease. Additionally, Red Cedar offers mosquito spray which provide short-term control from mosquitos, and deer management solutions (repellent sprays, fencing, and deer resistant planting advice).

Treatment & Management:

If your tree or property has unfortunately already become infected with disease, a management and treatment plan will need to be put into place. Proper diagnosis is key in constructing the correct treatment. The earliest signs of trouble can offer you the opportunity to combat the invading species before it does too much damage.

Insect Identification: Tree Pests To Be Aware Of

Identifying and being able to decipher the difference between insects you spot on your trees is not always easy, but it is important. Proper insect identification is often challenging because different pests can cause similar damages to your trees, and certain insects may resemble each other. Properly identifying the type of tree that they are …

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Integrated pest management for aphids

Integrated Pest Management To Treat Aphids

Aphids are commonly found on indoor and outdoor plants and are sap-suckers that feed in clusters, especially on new growth. With approximately 4000 aphid species found throughout the world, effective treatment is important. Damage is prevalent in areas with heavy populations or infestations of this pest. Integrated pest management (or IPM) is a strategy that …

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ambrosia beetle

Ambrosia Beetle; Signs, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

There are many species of Ambrosia Beetles currently found in the U.S. The Ambrosia Beetle is a small, cylindrical fungus farmer beetle approximately 2 mm in length that can be extremely damaging to your trees and landscaping. These beetles tunnel into trees (most commonly those that are dying or stressed) and create fungal gardens that …

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