Emergency Tree Removal

While emergency tree removal services and/or the damages associated with these downed trees are not always covered under your homeowners insurance policy, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear that they often are. If these required services are covered or not depends on several factors like, what caused the tree to fall, what kind of damage occurred, and your policy deductible and limit.

Here Are Some Tips For Identifying Tree Defects That Can Lead To Tree Failure (Especially In Winter Weather):

  1. Root Defects 
  2. Dying Limbs Or Wood 
  3. Leaning 
  4. Decay Or Cracks 
  5. Size In Relation To Placement 

Red Cedar Arborits Inc. offers 24 hour emergency tree services. The best way to ensure your home’s safety from tree damage is by storm proofing your trees before the storm actually hits.

What is a proactive method for avoiding storm tree damages?

  • Conducting regular tree inspections to evaluate weaknesses, illness, hazard branches, etc.
  • Dealing with potentially hazardous limbs and/or dead or dying trees prior to a storm can help to avoid damages.
tree damage to home

Avoid Tree Damage: Signs Your Tree May Fall

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Is Emergency Tree Removal Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

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Bombogenesis downed trees and power lines

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Tornado Warning & Hail Storm Damage

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