front yard landscaping ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Perfect For Your Home

Backyard landscaping ideas are commonly the main focus for many homeowners, but what about front yard landscaping ideas? Your front yard is an extremely important aspect of your home’s curb appeal and the first impression for visitors and potential home buyers. Well-designed landscapes help highlight the beauty of your home, its architectural features and uniqueness, and overall increase its value. When planting, it is important to be mindful of both your commitment level, and environment in which you live.

Here are some great front yard landscaping ideas for your home:

  1. front yard landscaping ideasBorders & Window Boxes

Borders are very common in front yard landscaping because they create a clean, structured area to highlight your entryway. These borders are typically on the side of stairs, or directly in the front of a home. The border can be created with bricks, stones, mulch, etc. Add evergreens for a low maintenance neutral look, or add blooming flowers or bulbs for pops of color. Window boxes are a great way to add appeal, and draw attention to the home itself. They make for a beautiful accent to you windows and overall landscape.

  1. Edged Pathway

A pathway to your entryway is not only functional, but it’s also extremely aesthetically appealing to the eye. It creates structure, leading lines, and adds to the overall beauty of your home. Consider blue stone, pavers, or concrete. Planting on the edges of your walkway can help to make it pop even more, and serve to create a “complete” look.

  1. front yard landscaping ideasAccent Pieces

Accent pieces can be great for creating visual interest. Picking unique accent features that go with the style of your home is a great idea. Consider using something like a distressed wheelbarrow as a planter for your farmhouse/cottage style home, or an antique bike planter for a Victorian/vintage styled home. Spherical pieces or accents with sharp edges and apparent shapes are a great complement to modern architecture.

  1. Low Maintenance Evergreens

Evergreens are a great addition to any landscape, because they are low maintenance and give your yard life year-round. Since evergreens survive through the winter, they help to keep your yard looking lively all winter long. Evergreens are also low maintenance, which makes them the perfect fit for any homeowner. Smaller, ground level evergreens are a great front yard landscaping idea, especially near windows, as they are low enough to still allow for natural light to shine in while also still allowing for a view from the inside out. Try larger evergreen variations in instances where you are looking for privacy.

  1. Circular Flower Beds
front yard landscaping ideas

Circular flower beds are great ground coverage that creates a beautiful pop of color and area of interest. A great place to incorporate a round, full flowerbed would be around the base of a tree, specifically larger trees. Instead of mulch or other typical neutral bases, filling the base of your tree with flowers helps to really make your tree stand out and creates beauty from top to bottom.

  1. Gravel Planted Beds

A great alternative to mulch for your landscape sections, is gravel. There are many options for decorative stone to choose from. Consider a light stone to really make your evergreens pop, or consider a more grey/blue hue of decorative stone to complement your blue stone walkway. Gravel planted beds are a great fit for a more modern styled home, but can easily be incorporated into a rustic landscape as well by adding styled accents.

When you are considering landscaping for your property, it’s easy to focus more heavily on the backyard, since that is the ideal entertainment space, or oasis area. But, the front of your home is just as important, as it’s first thing that everyone sees. Adding beautiful landscaping (simple or extravagant) to the front of your home can significantly increase this appeal, as well as increase overall property value. Don’t neglect the front of your home! Make sure to incorporate some of these front yard landscaping ideas when planning your landscape design build project. Red Cedar can help to create a design for your landscape project that fits your home, and your preferences. Once we have created a plan that you are happy with on paper, you can watch your plan transform into reality as we bring your vision to life. We are happy to help add beauty and value to your home through landscaping! Contact us today for your free consultation and let us transform your home!