Winter Storm Stella Aftermath: Tree Hazard Analysis

Winter Storm Stella came through and dropped almost 2 feet of snow in our local area. With this much snow, a hazard analysis of the trees on your property is very important. On average, 1 foot of snow can weigh approximately 7-20 pounds. This weight can vary depending on the moisture of the snow and snowdrifts caused by high wind.

Some branches cannot handle this additional weight, and because of this, it is important to have an inspection done after a severe storm, like winter Storm Stella. Some visible damages may have occurred during the storm in the form of fallen limbs, or fallen trees. However, some damages are not as obvious, and can be dangerous. If a large tree branch becomes cracked or weakened by a storm, they can fall at anytime without warning, causing potential for hazards and injury. Additionally, if these fractured trees are near your home, they have the potential to fall on your roof and cause more costly, and severe damages.

There is more to dealing with storm-damaged trees than simply cutting them down with a chainsaw. Because of this, it is key that you hire a certified arborist like Red Cedar to accurately determine the best course of action for your tree care.

There are six main types of tree storm damages:winter storm stella tree damage

  1. Blown over
  2. Stem failure
  3. Crown twist
  4. Root failure
  5. Branch failure
  6. Lightning strike

In addition to the high accumulation of snow, varying temperatures also increase the chance of ice buildup, due to melting and refreezing. This further adds to the addition of weight and pressure put on your trees.

High winds can also attribute to some of these damages, like crown twist and uprooted trees. The foliage and branches growing up and out from the trunk of a tree is called its crown. The pressures of wind can cause it to twist, leading to potential dangers to your tree’s health.

While some minor infractions to trees following a storm may be an easy fix, most commonly, these damages are more complicated than it may seem to an untrained eye. A tree that is uprooted or knocked down often requires a trained professional. Taking a chainsaw to the tree can be extremely dangerous depending on where the tension within the broken tree is. A damaged tree can be very difficult to assess as a homeowner, and cleaning up the damage can not only be complicated, but also dangerous, and labor intensive.

Protecting your home and property is our top priority at Red Cedar. Because of this, if you have experienced major storm or tree damage, downed limbs, limbs hanging on electrical wires, or suspect that a tree close to your house is in danger of falling following Storm Stella, contact us to receive the best and most accurate assessment and service!

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