Emergency Tree Services: Storm Damage Prevention

The Benefits of Hiring an ISA Certified Arborist

The tri-state area witnessed first hand this past fall and winter the tree damage hurricanes and snowstorms can cause. Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Nemo toppled one tree after another, sending them onto power lines, cars, houses, and fences. Tree services had never before been in such demand. Red Cedar Arborits Inc. offers 24 hour emergency tree services and was working around the clock after the two storms. Nevertheless, the best way to ensure your home’s safety from tree damage is by storm proofing your trees before the storm actually hits.

As ISA Certified Arborists, Red Cedar posseses the knowledge and expertise needed to properly assess your trees. During the assessment, we will determine what measures should be taken to prevent future storm damage. This may include trimming, pruning, thinning out the crown, cabling and bracing, or completely removing the tree. All of these offer different solutions to different problems, which are explained in the following:

  • Removing of any large, dead or severely damaged limbs reduces the risk of falling branches
  • Locating large cracks in major limbs and either remove or brace them for increased support
  • Cutting back long and heavy limbs to reduce the weight load
  • Bracing or cable trees to help alleviate stress

Your property’s safety is always Red Cedar’s number one concern, which is why we recommend so highly storm proofing your trees. Red Cedar Arborists are experts in the tree care industry, as well as fully insured. Therefore, your home’s safety can be ensured without any financial risk.

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