Insects, Pest & Disease Management

You spend hours, even years, working toward a healthy property around your home, then a single insect or disease wipes all of that out in a of months. Red Cedar is here to help you avoid that fate. We have been invested in landscape management for years and our professional staff has vast knowledge of the insects that invade the Northeast as well as diseases that can attack your most precious plants, trees, and shrubs. Turf insects and diseases lead to dead patches and an unhealthy look to the grass in your landscape. Proper diagnosis of the problem present is crucial to the proper treatment. A consultation with our turf specialists will allow this diagnosis to guide the treatments for your lawns.

Insect & Disease Control

Insects and diseases can destroy the beauty and function of plants in your landscape. Also, many of the most damaging landscape pest problems that exist are caused by a pest carelessly introduced from another area of the world. (Dutch Elm Disease, Asian Long-horned Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, Gypsy Moth). Our staff is trained to analyze detect landscape plant problems, and correct them using the most effective and least invasive technique. A small amount of prevention is much better than a large amount of cure, to correct a neglected landscape pest problem. Our tick control program features short and long-term treatments to reduce your exposure to disease-carrying ticks.

Call to schedule a pest disease and tick inspection of your property to allow our arborists to recommend the best treatments.

Insect and Pest Control Application

Let’s face it, your family is far more important than a few plants and shrubs. That’s why at Red Cedar, we use the most organic and non-toxic insect and pest control applications available. Whenever we are faced with insect or disease management for a treasured customer, we ask ourselves of the solution: would we apply this to our own property? Would we expose our family to this? If we can answer yes, then we’re confident in its effectiveness and safety.

Insects and Disease are Natural

Insects and disease management exists because these are natural processes that occur. Sometimes insects are brought in through human contact, and diseases are inadvertently introduced in the same manner, but for the most part, it’s all part of nature’s cycles. That doesn’t mean that you have to endure the burden of their destructive tendencies.

While Red Cedar makes no guarantees about the ability to protect against or eliminate all insects or diseases, we have been in the industry for many years and have a solid track record of producing the best results possible.

Diagnosis is the Key

The best way to protect your plants, shrubs, and trees is to have a proper maintenance and diagnosis plan in place. The earliest signs of trouble can offer you the opportunity to combat the invading species. Red Cedar is your frontline defense against damaging insects and deadly diseases.

Tick Management

Ticks have become an increasing problem to people and animals throughout New York. Ticks are blood-feeders that require an animal host to survive and reproduce. They feed on a wide host range and attack people, pets, livestock, birds, and reptiles.

There are about 80 species of ticks in the United States (850 species worldwide). However, only about 12 or so in the U.S. are of major public health or veterinary concerns with a few others that occasionally attack humans.

Ticks can be a nuisance; their bites can cause irritation and, in the case of some ticks, paralysis. Severe infestations on animals can cause anemia, weight loss, and even death from the consumption of large quantities of blood. Ticks can also transmit many human and animal disease pathogens, which include viruses, bacteria, and more.

An estimated three quarters of all Lyme disease cases are acquired from ticks picked up during activities around the home. With the steady increase in the spread of Lyme disease, there is a need to learn how to manage or control the tick problem, learn how to reduce or manage tick populations, and therefore risk of disease, in the residential landscape.


Mosquito Control Solutions

Red Cedar enjoys making life more enjoyable for home and property owners by effectively controlling flying, biting and stinging insects in yards and common areas. If you’re concerned about your special backyard activities being spoiled by mosquitoes who think your guests are on the menu, then consider enlisting the help of a Red Cedar professional.

Protect Children and Pets from Mosquito-borne Disease.

Mosquitoes are insects that have been around for over 30 million years. Red Cedar can provide you with practical mosquito control solutions to control unwanted mosquitoes. Children and pets are at increased risk from insect-borne disease. One reason is that they tend to spend more time outdoors, where exposure is greatest. Regular treatments by Red Cedar help to protect your family and pets in your own backyard. Our Mosquito control treatments are applied to the rough perimeter areas and lawn areas of your landscape. Schedule regular mosquito control treatments today. Even with precautions, you can never be 100% protected from mosquito-borne disease. However, early detection can help minimize the effects of these diseases.

Contact Red Cedar for effective Mosquito control for outdoor spaces. Let us custom design a system for your home so there is no longer a need to worry about pesky mosquitoes and other insects.

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