Landscape Maintenance

Maintaining Your New Plants

Damaging insects and diseases are constantly present in the natural landscape, and are always moved around by birds, small mammals and humans. New landscape plants are especially sensitive to plant stress factors (including insects and diseases because of their smaller root system and new location). Newly installed plants will establish faster and grow better if protected from these damaging insects and diseases.

Make sure you ask us about how this can be done to help your new plants succeed.


In a trees natural state, the shedding of leaves and even loss of branches provides a constantly replenishing supply of nutrients into the soil. Through their roots, trees pull the nutrients back from the soil allowing for the process of photosynthesis and providing the sugars from which the tree feeds.

Red Cedar utilizes a of deep-root fertilization which provides a custom blend of nutrients directly in contact with feeder roots. Additionally, through the use of soil sampling and testing, “prescription fertilization” enables us to provide these essential nutrients accurately.

Construction Damage Restoration and Prevention

Construction on your property can greatly compromise the health of your trees. In addition to the obvious damages such as broken branches and torn bark, the most harmful damage goes unseen, in the root zone.

Tremendous damage occurs from compressed soil caused by heavy equipment and even heavy foot traffic. As the soil compresses, air and water are forced from within, the denser soil stops root growth and harmful bacteria can form, attacking roots. Often times, a mature tree will not show symptoms of the root damage for several years by which time the damage can sometimes be irreversible.

Prevention can save time and expense in the future. By consulting with one of Red Cedar’s arborists, you will receive specific recommendations regarding the trees in and around your project. Often times a few simple precautions can prevent irreplaceable loss.

Horticultural Consultation

Red Cedar offers a free initial consultation and estimate. Additionally we provide Consulting Services such as Hazard Tree Evaluations, Tree Inventories and Forest Management.

Speakers For Garden Clubs and Others

At Red Cedar we love to share our knowledge of trees and make ourselves available to speak for your club on tree related topics.

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