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Winter Is The Ideal Season To Plan Spring Landscaping

You may not associate winter with being an ideal time to complete your spring landscaping project, but it actually is and here’s why. Winter months tend to be slower for landscape companies, which means it is the ideal time for you to start planning your spring landscape design build. Planning now means that you will beat the spring rush. Slower season work also means lower prices. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy the results of your beautiful landscaping when spring blooms, rather than later in the season.

Here are some planning steps to consider prior to beginning your landscaping project:

1. Evaluate Your Current Landscape Design
It is important to identify and organize your needs to help prioritize your project. A professional landscaping contractor, like Red Cedar, can assist in prioritizing and ultimately planning your project, but it is a good idea to establish a basic idea before meeting with us so we can understand your vision and help to get you there!

2. Establish Your Budget
Going into any project without first setting a budget can be detrimental to your progress. This budget doesn’t have to be an exact number, but it is helpful to at least establish a “max budget” based on what you can afford and/or are willing to spend. This will also be extremely helpful to your landscape contractor, as it will allow them to plan a project that works best for you. Without an idea of a homeowner’s budget, it can cause a longer timeline and wasted time. If your landscape contractor is not given a budget, their plan may be more than what you are willing to spend, resulting in starting over from the beginning.

3. Find Inspiration
Today, there are so many great inspiration websites for home updates, interior or exterior. Try searching online platforms like Pinterest, Houzz, or Porch. Sometimes inspiration can also be found in abstract things like architectural buildings, favorite colors or textures or materials, etc. You may even find motivation on home improvement TV shows or homes you drive by.

4. Find Your Yard’s Purpose
It is important to establish what you plan to use your space for most. Do you want to use your yard as an entertainment space? Do you want a tranquil relaxation spot? A colorful design full of flowerbeds? A spot fit for a growing family? Determining the use can help establish a place to begin organizing your thoughts.

Here are some examples of different landscape ideas that can help establish purpose:

  • hardscape in landscapingEntertainment center:
    Hardscape surfaces for seating and eating
    – Incorporate a fire pit as a heat source and a center for hanging out after dark.
    – Add a grilling station that is both visually appealing and practical.
    – Also consider an outdoor movie viewing setup. This can include a projection screen or a TV build into your hardscape patio.
  • Family hangout:
    – Making sure there is a safe place for kids to play and be entertained is key. Consider a jungle gym, a swing set or sandbox.
    – A seating area for adults to hang out in while the kids play is also key here. Hardscaping to allow for chairs and tables would be important for this design as well.
  • natural pool feature in landscaping Tranquil oasis
    – Consider a pool install, specifically a natural one! See the benefits of a natural swimming pool vs. a chlorinated pool HERE.
    – A hammock or lounge chairs add to a spot ideal for relaxation.

5. Prioritize
Once you’ve formulated an initial plan/idea, and have found some inspiration, now is the time to prioritize. A great way to organize your thoughts is to create a list. You may want to order your list from most important to least, or what you want the most as compared to things you can do without, or hold off on. This will be extremely beneficial and helpful for your landscaper to know so they too can prioritize their plan for your home. Your landscaper may also be able to add their input based on experience and knowledge!

It is important to understand that landscape projects take time. Many homeowners often wait until warmer weather to begin thinking about their landscape design update, but the planning and organizing phase alone can be time consuming. Starting in the warmer months may extend your completion date, which may mean you can’t enjoy your new space until next season.

By getting an early start, you allow yourself time to plan and get inspired during the colder months and complete your project before summer. Not only does this allow you to enjoy your new spot earlier, but it also allows for you to save money by having work done during a landscaper’s slower season! Contact Red Cedar Arborists & Landscapers today for your free landscape design consultation and enjoy your new backyard this summer!

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