what is plant health care and why is it important

What Is Plant Health Care?

You have probably heard the terms plant health care or integrated pest management before, but do you know what they mean and why they are important? Plant health care is defined as a process of scheduled preventative maintenance that is put together based on monitoring and the use of cultural and chemical tactics to enhance tree vitality. Whereas, integrated pest management is a pest population management system that utilizes all appropriate techniques and information to reduce pest populations. When implemented in conjunction with each other, you can help to ensure that your trees are thriving and healthy.

what is plant health careMonitoring the health of the trees on your property is an ongoing process and is important for several reasons. You may spot some minor signs that something is wrong with your tree like discoloration in some leaves. Or, your tree’s problem may be more complex and harder to detect. It is often hard for a homeowner to spot tree issues, and it is even harder for a homeowner to properly diagnose and treat a problem without the help of a trained professional. By proactively maintaining your plant health care, you are helping to avoid the consequences of late detection, which can often result in tree removal. Early detection allows for a much higher probability of a tree being successfully nursed back to health so it can remain a healthy and beautiful aspect of your landscaping for years to come.

The process of plant health care involves monitoring, applying prevention treatments, fertilization, watering, mulching, etc. It is important to know that healthy trees begin with healthy soil! Some signs of unhealthy soil are, dryness, light brown in coloring, and a lack of living things. Read more on this in our blog How Do You Know If You Have Healthy Soil?

Your plant health care plan will be unique to your property, and the frequency of visits and applications may vary. When problems are detected and managed early, we can help to stop them before they become serious. Some solutions determined by your arborist may be as simple as spot applications of pesticides, pruning, or irrigation changes.

When it comes to pest issues, the same theory applies that the earlier pests are spotted, the higher the chances of your arborist being able to control the situation before it turns into a severe/deadly infestation. As part of our integrated pest management solutions, we use organic oil sprays, soaps, or pyrethroids that are safe for the environment, your family, and your pets. In some cases, we may inject treatment directly into a tree’s vascular system through the trunk.

Some common pests that we treat for are:

If you do not already have a scheduled maintenance and health care plan for the trees on your property, now is the time to take the steps to begin implementation. Proactive management of the plants and trees on your property is key in ensuring a thriving landscape and avoiding damages associated with declined tree health. Contact Red Cedar today for your free plant health care consultation, and let our arborists help proactively monitor and treat your trees!