Tree Removal Service FAQ’s

Tree removal service is one of the most necessary and popular tree services for homeowners. Often homeowners do not truly understand how tree removal works, and/or they do not know when a tree should be removed. We often hear a lot of questions from our clients on tree removal service and stump grinding. Here are some of the most common questions and answers!

tree service weak limbs tree removal Q: When is tree removal necessary?

A: Tree removal service is necessary for several reasons; if a tree is hazardous (weaknesses beyond repair that could cause damage to surrounding property or people), if it is dead beyond the point of management or repair, if it is in a crowding situation that is causing harm to other trees. In many cases, there are methods to nurse your tree back to health and tree removal is only performed when absolutely necessary (or if by homeowner’s choice).

Q: How do I know if my tree is dying?

A: Some clear warning signs of a dying tree may be bare branches, discolored leaves, trunk and/or root damage, fungus, clear infestation of pests, etc. In some cases, to an untrained eye, it is easy to mistake a curable tree issue for signs that your tree is dying. For this reason, it is very important to have a professional inspect your tree situation first, to see if there is a plant health plan you can put into place that will cure your tree, instead of removing it!

tree removal service on hazard treesQ: How do I know if my tree needs to be removed?

A: If your tree is diagnosed with presenting any of the issues indicated in answer 1, you will need tree removal service. Hazardous trees can be very dangerous to your property and/or people on your property. These are often not obvious to untrained professionals and they can come falling down at any moment, leading to damages to the surrounding properties. If a tree is diseased beyond repair, or is crowding and stealing too many nutrients from surrounding trees, the best option is tree removal.

Q: What is stump grinding?

A: Stump grinding is a means of removing a stump by using machinery with rotating cutting discs to chip away the wood. This grinds the stump and the roots into small chips. There are many reasons why removing a stump after tree removal is so important; aesthetics, avoiding hazards, avoiding disease, avoiding new growth, avoiding insect infestation. Read more HERE.

tree removal service stump grindingQ: How is stump grinding different from stump removal?

A: Stump grinding is the best option for tree removal because it is the most efficient way to remove an entire stump with its roots. Digging a stump out with a shovel, or trying any of THESE other DIY stump removal methods, is not only often ineffective and dangerous, but they are extremely difficult and labor intensive. Since stump grinding requires professional machinery and extensive knowledge and training, this is a tree removal service best left to the professionals!

Q: Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

A: In some cases, a Tree Removal Permit Application is required to be submitted before trees are removed on private property, however, locally, residential removal permits are not often required. Permits vary per location, and the exact answer to this question will depend on where your property is.

Q: How can I tell if a tree close to my house is dangerous?

A: Any trees that are within 100FT of your home should be professionally inspected for hazards. Some hazards are; dying trees, dead parts of live trees, instability, leaning dangerously, growing into power lines, etc. Additionally, some trees may just be too large for your property, and in these cases, they may need to be removed.

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