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September Landscape, Tree & Backyard Checklist

As we quickly head into September, and the temperatures see a pretty significant drop (especially at night), now is the time to implement some key backyard maintenance items. The mild temperatures in early September through the end of October are great for planting, cultivating, fertilizing, practicing pest control, and rejuvenating your yard. When making your backyard checklist for September, consider the following.

  1. Cleaning Up
  • The end of summer/early fall is a good time to cut back dead or diseased limbs on your trees and shrubs.
  • This is a great time to take care of and remove weeds.
  • Pruning that is done for any reason other than ridding the tree of dead limbs is not recommended in September.
  • This time of year is also a good time to clean up your garden area and begin to drain the water from your hoses.
  • Cleanup any fallen fruit from fruit trees to deter pests and disease


  1. planting a tree fall backyard checklist Planting
  • Fall is an excellent growing season and September through November is one of the best seasons to plant trees, because the cooler weather helps to promote a thriving root system. This allows for 3 seasons of root growth and development before reaching the most stressful season; summer.
  • The consistency of temperatures in early fall also helps to foster root development.
  • September is the best month to plant perennials.
  • Now is the time to remove any dead or diseased shrubs.
  • Remove and destroy unhealthy leaves and branches after treating to address disease.
  • Order your fall bulbs, but hold off on planting them until after the first frost.


  1. Pests
  • Slugs are very active in September, so slug control methods are important.
  • Slugs can lay clusters of eggs under stones, boards, and around the edge of your lawn.
  • Bagworm infestations are common at this time on evergreens. Remove the bags when possible to help prevent the eggs from hatching in the spring.
  • Spider mites found in spruce will become active again as the weather cools down.
  • Powdery mildew thrives in weather that consists of warm days and cool, humid nights. It can be reduced by treating mildew as soon as it appears.


  1. backyard checklist lawn maintenance Lawn
  • The first half of September is prime time for your lawn.
  • Taking care of your lawn during this time will help to ensure a strong lawn.
  • Aerating your lawn should come first, then fertilizing to encourage growth.

Homeownership comes with a lot of maintenance responsibilities to preserve your home and property. But, professionals are available to help alleviate some of the stresses that come with season change upkeep. At Red Cedar Arborists & Landscapers, we have trained staff to not only help maintain your property, but also help to identify and solve any problems you may have in your yard (pest control, hazard limb analysis, soil balance, etc.) Contact us today for your free fall consultation, and let us help you tackle your backyard checklist!

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