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Benefits Of Winter Tree Work

Many homeowners think that tree service companies are closed for the winter and/or that tree work cannot be done come December. But, this just isn’t true, and there are actually several benefits to doing winter tree work, for us, AND for you!

Witner tree work is actually easier for our Arborists for a few reasons:

  1. winter tree work in winter tree pruning in winterBecause the trees are bare, we can see the dead wood we need to prune. Also, there is a less leaf litter to chip and haul away. 
  2. Since the ground is frozen, we can maneuver men and equipment efficiently cross the property without damaging lawn.
  3. It’s a slower season for all service industries, making flexible scheduling much easier.

For these reasons, we actually are happy to offer tree services in what many may consider “the off season”. Here’s where booking winter work benefits you – since we are slower, and the work is easier, you get a discounted rate! Contact us for more information on our discounted winter rates!

So, what are the benefits of performing winter tree work?

  • Tree structure is easier to evaluate. Like mentioned above, since all leaves are down, and the trees are bare, this allows us to see the entire structure of the tree without any view hindrance. This helps us easily identify dead or dangerous branches. We can also determine if pruning is needed at this time to help your tree to remain safe and thriving through the harsh winter months.
  • Allows for a fresher more beautiful looking tree come spring. Late winter pruning helps to rejuvenate your trees and shrubs leading to a quicker growth in spring.
  • winter tree work and tree damage in winterPrevent winter damage. Pruning and evaluating your trees before or during winter can help to prevent damages associated with hazard branches. After a big snow or ice storm, the weight of the accumulation can be tough on any branch, but especially one that was already weak. A weak branch can come crashing down when extra weight is added to it, leading to costly and serious damages below the branch. Evaluation and pruning following a storm is also a good safety measure. Dormant pruning can serve to rejuvenate weaker trees by removing these dead and/or diseased branches.
  • Less chance of spreading disease. Pruning and working on trees in winter helps to avoid spreading active diseases in trees. Diseases that trees can struggle from like Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, insect infestation, etc. are not active in the winter months. Since these diseases are dead or dormant, cutting into a tree and working on it during this time means that spreading these deadly diseases is much less likely. When these illnesses are active (spring and summer), they are very easily transmitted and spread during tree work and pruning.

If your home is in need of tree services like pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding, contrary to popular misconception, winter is actually a great time to get this work done! We are happy to provide you with the benefits of winter tree work for your trees and your wallet! Contact Red Cedar all winter long for your free consultation!

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