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Top 6 Reasons For Tree Removal Services

If you notice that your tree looks like it is beginning to die, or that its branches are falling, you may suspect that your tree needs to be removed. As Arborists, tree removal is always a last resort. We will do all that we can to try to save your tree first, but, there are some instances where tree removal services will be absolutely necessary.

Here are the most common reasons why tree removal services are needed:

  1. tree removal services, emergency tree removal Safety Hazard – If a tree is close to your home, this area of concern is particularly important. If this tree is damaged or diseased, or there are large limbs that are structurally compromised, this could result in devastating damages to your home or other possessions nearby like cars, pool, garages, etc. In a lot of cases, we can nurse your tree back to health, or prune away dead or dying limbs, but there are instances where a tree is diseased or damage beyond repair. As the homeowner, you may even prefer to remove a tree this close to your home as a precaution, instead of trying to save it.
  2. Disease or Infestation – One of the main reasons why trees die is due to disease or infestations. Not only could a structurally compromised tree be cause for alarm to your home due to safety concerns, but it can also pose an issue to other healthy trees. Diseases or infestations can easily be spread from tree to tree by animals or underground. Trees in close proximity to each other share nutrients underground. If one tree is diseased, is can spread to the other tree through their root systems.
  3. Too Large – Similarly, if a tree is too large and/or they are planted too close together, there may not be enough nutrients for all to survive and thrive. A tree that is too large can steal nutrients from other surrounding trees, especially those that are smaller. If a tree is planted without proper research, it may be placed in an area that cannot handle its full growth capacity. In addition to there not being enough room for this tree to survive or enough nutrients for everyone, they can cause bigger structural damages due to improper placement.
  4. Tree too large for home need tree removalCompromised Structural Integrity – Trees that are too close to the home can not only be a safety hazard to your roof and other structures above ground, but they can also be an issue underground. When a tree or shrub grows, its roots expand underground. If it was planted too close to the house, these roots can interfere with the structural integrity of your home and its foundation, as well as other structures like, your driveway, or patio. Additionally, long limbs can damage siding and your roof.
  5. Mildew Growth – Trees can be an excellent source of shade, especially during warm months. But with constant shade comes constant dampness on the ground or structures underneath it. If this tree is shading a deck or porch, this dampness overtime could cause mildew growth and rotting of the wood. This shading and dampness buildup could also cause areas of dead grass (due to lack of sunlight) or growth on your roof. In these cases, cutting back the tree by pruning may be enough, but if not, it may be wise to have it removed.
  6. Aesthetics – In some cases, as the homeowner, you may just simply want a tree removed for appearance purposes. While large trees can be beautiful, sometimes it is overpowering your home or other landscaping. It may be non-symmetrical or visually unappealing, or even hard to tame. You may also be tired of raking leaves or the maintenance that comes with it.

If you suspect that your tree(s) are experiencing any of the issues posed above, your first step should be to call a professional to have them evaluate your tree and provide you with their professional recommendation. If it is determined that your tree does need to be removed, the trained Arborists at Red Cedar can provide you with top-of-the-line tree removal services, as well as stump grinding services to remove the entire tree and its root system. Leaving a stump behind can be a bad idea for a number of reasons. If it is determined that your tree does not need to be removed, we can also assist in nursing it back to health with our pest and disease management programs and/or provide additional structural support and healthy growth through tree services like pruning and bracing. Let us help you properly evaluate and treat your trees. Contact us today for your free comprehensive consultation!

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